Purposeful Convo over The Holidays!

I believe in having purposeful conversation around the dinner table with my family. Frequently, like on a typical day of the week, my fav "quest-ion" {hint: ions have a negative or positive charge... I'm going for the high vibes during these fam jam sessions!} goes something like this... "What was the best part of your day"?

Over The Holidays ~ Think Christmas Dinner & New Year's Eve, I like to make up special little inquiry notes to get the convo going. I make up little notes & place under each person's plate. It's a secret until everyone has their food and we've all settled in, said Grace, started breaking bread together.

Then, it goes something like this: One person starts by peeking under their plate and reading their tiny note. They share first & then one by one we go around and each person gets to share on each of the notes. Everyone else is truly listening... like really holding the space and listening! It's like the note become a talking stick! One of my teachers Suzanne Conrad, taught me that "The quality of the listening determines the quality of the sharing." LOVE IT! 

If you choose to try this High Vibes Convo Starter over the Holidays, I'd love to hear how it changed the richness of the communication for you and your family! 

Time to Get Living! xx, Sherry