Understanding the Value of doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program

If you’re committed to living & leading a SuperNatural Lifestyle, let's chat about the value of doTERRA'S Loyalty Rewards Program!


If you're a doTERRA Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate, you will definitely want to start earning points and getting FREE oils each month! 80% of the almost 6 million people around the globe order this way because it super simple and such incredible value. 

All doTERRA oils have a ‘product value’ or pv.
In order to earn points, your minimum monthly Loyalty Rewards order need to be 50pv.
{fyi… you can spend less than that but you only earn points for order 50 and above}.
Plus, you’ll always earn 100% of your shipping costs back in product credits regardless of how much you purchase!

And every month - your earnings rate will grow as follows, if your order is 50v or higher:
1-3 months - 10% 
4-6 months - 15%
7-9 months - 20%
10-12 months - 25%
13+ months - 30% 


Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.12.39 AM.png


If you purchase a few of the staple oils that you’ll use ALL THE TIME, you can actually decrease your cleaning and beauty products bill entirely… all while boosting your Health & Wellness! 

For example, let’s say you’re going to buy a bottle Lavender {which you’re absolutely going to love to use on the soles of your feet at night, in your diffuser, to calm children, for bug bites & itches, sunburns… pretty much all the time!}

Lavender has a product value or ‘pv’ of 22.50pv.
You receive 10% of that in your ‘back office’ {plus your shipping points back}. It adds up! 
The volume of points back over time increases every 3 months, all the way to 30% points back if you purchase over 50pv each month.


Quick Q & A: 


Q: What if I don’t place a 50pv order one month?

A: You only need to process a 1pv order to ‘maintain’ your % of points. ie: if you’re at month 7 of LRP and getting 20% points back, then if you process a 1pv order for 3 months, you maintain 20% points back. When you increase that to over 50pv again, you continue to increase again up to 30% points back.

Q: Am I locked into anything? 

A: No. You can cancel your LRP at any time by calling the Head Office in your location. They are super nice & super helpful and they can cancel it for you. 
PS: you’ll want to make sure you use up all your points before you cancel ; )

Q: Can I accumulate points and combine them to order a higher value oil or some of the other products doTERRA has?

A: Yes! Great idea & Great value!! For example: Many women use the Whisper Women’s Blend for perfume {and it’s incredible…. my husbands fave oil on me}!!! A bottle Whisper is valued at $41 retail or $30.75 but only 25.50pv. Once you save up 27pv in your back office, you can spend that on a $44 bottle of Whisper. 

Q: Can I change what’s on my order each month?

A: YES! Over 65% of customers globally order at least one oil every one to three months. Most of us who are passionate about living this SuperNatural Lifestyle use our oils every single day {actually many times a day}!!! 

My Daily Routing looks something like this:

  • I use Breathe and Peppermint first thing in the morning to open my airways and wake me up. 
  • Then I use doTERRA’S incredible anti-aging skin care line {improves sun damage & fine lines}!
  • Then I use the OnGuard Toothpaste. 
  • Then I put a drop on Lemon in my water and doing that ASAP. 
  • Then I turn on the diffuser in the kitchen to set the mood in our home for that day. 
  • Then I put Wild Orange in my son’s water at breakfast {mood boost before he gets on the bus}.
  • Then we all take our LLV Supplements {my hubby, my son & myself}. 
  • You get the idea… we have created Healthy Habits over time and all of these small steps add up to the most Radiant, Vibrant, Healthy, Happy Life you can possibly imagine!
    You are never ever going to run out of ideas for oils and products to add to your LRP. 


Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 8.27.28 PM.png


Over time, you goal will be to replace all the toxic and harmful skincare, home care and personal care items with SuperNatural, beyond organic products from doTERRA.

You will be able to update your cart each month after your order ships so you’re always receiving different items. doTERRA will send you a reminder email to that a couple of days before your LRP order processes. 

Q: Sounds Amazing, right? How do I create my LRP?

A: It’s super simple! Check out this video and follow the steps. 

Q: What is the FREE Product of the Month? 

A: Each month doTERRA has a different ‘Product of the Month’. If your LRP is over 125pv and processed before the 15th of the month, you receive a FREE product from doTERRA called the ‘Product Of The Month’. It will automatically be shipped with your order.

Q: What if I’m interested in Sharing oils with others and interested in Building my own Essential Oils Business? 

A: Interesting Fact: 90% of doTERRA Customers are product users and 10% are Business Builders. Out of the Wellness Advocates who are Building a Biz, 99% of them started out just like you! They had no interest in the business side of things but very quickly realized how amazing the oils & products are. 

If you are interested in sharing doTERRA oils or creating a business, the ONLY overhead you have is to process your 100pv order monthly. If this interests you, chat to the person who enrolled you and they can help you get started. 

I highly encourage you to login to your back office and set up your LRP. A few of my faves this month… Terrashield Outdoor Blend {for tick season}, OnGuard Cleaning Concentrate {for green cleaning month}, Lemon {always!}, Vetiver {great for anxiety}, Whisper Women’s Blend {for perfume}… Endless Possibilities!!! 

Here’s a link to the latest product catalogue for inspiration! 

Cheers to Happy & Vibrant Health,
Sherry, xx