200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

I've trained hundreds of extraordinary Yoga Teachers over the last decade! If you're searching for a Yoga Teacher Training Program where you will receive ongoing mentorship AND actually learn how to teach, this is the program for you. I'm 100% committed to your growth and development in this training.  You'll find a safe space to step to your own edge and emerge open-hearted, radiant with confidence, brimming with possibility, and fully prepared to teach!

This 200-hour teacher training is a comprehensive 7 month program that will transform your yoga practice and deepen your understanding of your life. Whether you plan to teach yoga or develop your own personal practice, you'll gain the knowledge to teach safely, effectively and with integrity. I believe Yoga is for everyone and this curriculum was developed with the intention to make yoga accessible to people of all ages and ability levels. We work on all levels of the body, mind and spirit - not only improving strength and flexibility, but rejuvenating the whole being. This 200-hour teacher training takes place at Halifax Yoga and is primarily focused on Vinyasa Flow and Baptiste Inspired Power Yoga. These practices combine the flow and power of Ashtanga with the meticulous alignment and sequencing of Iyengar yoga. You'll receive a thorough understanding of asana, alignment, anatomy, hands on assisting, sequencing and philosophy. We'll also delve into the subtle bodies, prenatal yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga for kids, Meditation and Pranayama. If you’re thinking about embarking on a Yoga Teacher Training Program, you are ready now! 


Teacher Training Weekends (2019/2020)

Sept 27-29
Oct 25-27
Nov 22-24
Jan 24-26
Feb 21-23
Mar 27-29
Apr 24-26


Fridays: 5:30 – 9:00pm

Saturdays & Sundays: 8:00am – 7:30pm 




  • History and Philosophy of Yoga

  • Intensive study and practice of Asanas

  • Anatomy

  • Hands on assisting

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama

  • Sanskrit

  • Modification of poses

  • The Business of teaching Yoga

  • Class sequencing and planning

  • Practice teaching

  • Mentoring

  • Deepen your own yoga practice

  • Specialized Classes

  • Ayurveda & Yoga Lifestyle

If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.
— Yogi Bhajan


Putting Your Dreams Within Reach…

Easy Pay Plan 6 Months @ $645 (plus tax)

Most Popular Plan 4 Months @ $963 (plus tax)

1 Time Payment $3700 (plus tax) EARLY BIRD Until May 31st! $3200!
* Must pay in full to receive early bird rate.

1 Year Membership 50% off with Early Bird YTT!
*Must purchase before early bird expires.

Cost $3700 ( plus taxes).

*Full Deposit is refundable until July 1st. 50% Deposit refundable until Aug 1st. Once YTT starts deposit is non-refundable. The tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Common Q & A’s

Is my yoga practice advanced enough to do a yoga teacher training?

We have had students with very little experience, but it’s best to have a regular yoga practice. You do not need a certain level of physical ability. For example, many yoga teachers cannot do handstand and they teach excellent classes! Yoga Teacher Training will radically change your practice and you will see amazing changes. A regular yoga practice, a desire to learn and an open mind is all you need to participate in training.

How much movement is there going to be?

Our teacher training is a mix of both practice and philosophy/theory ; so you will move and sit! In a balanced training you will cover philosophy, theory, and anatomy, which require of sitting and listening, but you will also do a lot of personal practice, hands-on assists, sequencing, teaching and posture clinics, which are much more physical.

Why do a program with my studio? 

A question to ask yourself is if a solid relationship is important to you. If you’re looking for someone to guide you,  mentor you, ask for advice, be in the community you have grown in, training at your studio is important. It is also important to take training where you want to plant your roots if you do not already have a community. If you want to cultivate teaching opportunities, it’s best to practice with someone who knows the community and network you’d be trying to work in and guide you in the right direction.

Does my yoga teacher training need to be Yoga Alliance registered? 

Yoga Alliance is an organization that provides regulation to Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs). To register a teacher training, the school submits an overview of their curriculum, along with annual fees, to demonstrate that it meets Yoga Alliance’s standards for curriculum content and study hours. Halifax Yogais a registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance for 200 and 300 hour training programs.

This allows you to be able to teach all over the world and allows ease knowing we are an approved curriculum!

Is this training only relevant to people who want to teach?

NO! Yoga teacher training is about your hopes, dreams, goals, ethics, and plans? How do you want to live, what do you want to change? Yoga training aids with the big questions and it offers tools and skills to help you show up in a more confident, peaceful way in your life.

Hours and Make up Time?

We want our students to try to be there 100% of the time, but we know life happens! We make this program super accessible to everyone with families, work, and other obligations.  ONLY 1 WEEKEND A MONTH!!! If you miss time, we will support you, so you can get caught up. We allow make up time that is realistic and do-able!

Is there a RIGHT time to do Teacher Training?

Honestly, No. Life is busy and something always comes up. The right time, is the time you take a leap and become open to the possibilities that surround you. Be the Change!

Will I be able to get a Job after I Graduate?

In our program you will find a safe space to step to your own edge, radiant with confidence, brimming with possibility, and fully prepared to teach!

There is on-going post-graduation support for job placement and further learning. We offer Internship, Outreach, Corporate Yoga, and even in-house opportunities!



We have an amazing faculty of teachers and assistants with decades of study under their belts.  They are honoured to share their vast knowledge of anatomy & physiology, philosophy, and specific areas of expertise which allow you to have solid program with all the tools to build your yoga career. You will be mentored and supported by myself and an incredibly talented team of dedicated Yogis. This program will absolutely change your life and the lens through which you see other and the world. NAMASTE.