Hi, I'm Sherry

I Empower and Mentor Awakened Humans {just like you} who have a calling for something bigger. 
If you are open to shifting from Probability into Possibility, let's chat! 

I'm a catalyst for growth and change - An embodier of Transformation. I came into the world that way.
A born Leader - Strategic by nature. A Deep Thinker. A Yogi. A Teacher of Teachers. A Life Learner. 


 Build your own essential oils business

doTERRA Essential Oils is one of the most ethical brands on earth. Now the largest Essential Oils Company in the world, their unique business model allows for Leadership development, Elevated Health & Wellness, Financial Freedom, Empowering one another, and a Life of Abundance & Choice. 


Certified 200 hour yoga teacher training

If you are searching for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with full support, expert instruction, and lasting inspiration, Halifax Yoga is the place for you. You will emerge open-hearted, brimming with possibility, confidence, and totally READY to teach safely, effectively and with integrity!  


Live more vibrantly with essential oils & Purchase here

doTERRA is the largest essential oils &  wellness company in the world with almost 6 MILLION people around the globe using their Essential Oils. The quality, sourcing & culture created through Wellness Advocates is what sets them apart from anything else on the planet. They are simply THE BEST. 


“Sherry will help you unlock the grandest vision for your life and she’ll help you step into your power so you can achieve that vision.”
— Geralyn PowerWomen's Leadership Coach & doTERRA Blue Diamond 

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