What You Need To Know First... 


I have such an incredible passion to be a stand for you and help direct you towards your Purpose.
I want to see you step into your Unique Greatness and Expand in ways you never Imagined. 

Please know, you and and I may not align if you are unwilling to DO THE WORK. I'm not in the business of fixing people. I actually can't. If you're looking for a quick fix, you and I likely won't vibe. 

If you are ready to Liberate your soul and Free yourself from the cage, it's go time! 



From there to here...

We all have a Story {or several}. Even with the most wonderful upbringing and life, there are moments of exhilarating joy and moments that stop our hearts and change our lives forever. This is the human experience. 

I believe each moment of my life has been important to my unique 'Sherry{ness}' bringing me to exactly this moment. I am grateful and madly in LOVE with all of it. 

The difference for me NOW vs then is that now, I am no longer attached to the details of the story. I've disentangled myself. Thank you Yoga Mat + Yoga Sutras! 

I believe our fulfillment and freedom on a daily basis comes from choosing to stay present {even in times of struggle} and live a choice based life, rather than one based out of Circumstances or Conditions. 

How did I get here?

The school of hard knocks of course... and seeking out the right Teachers! Ones who would tell me harsh truths and kick my Spiritual ass so I could get out of my own way. 

I have been blessed with Mentors who stood for my Greatness {until I could see it myself}. 



By age 22


I had graduated from Massage Therapy College, had established a career as a Registered Massage Therapist, given birth to my first son - Connor, moved across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, got married, taken out 2 mortgages (one for a home, one for biz), had several small business loans, lines of credit, opened a Wellness Centre... did I mention no maternity leave! That is what it's like when you are self-employed!

I worked my tail off during those years. The lessons came hard and they came fast. Babies raising babies! 

Fast forward to my mid 20's and along came my second baby - Maxwell. I had to grow up fast. I learned a ton at Sherry's School of Life. The biggest teaching that came in my 20's was 'How to Fail Forward' {Learn from my mistakes}! I would repeatedly mess up, pick myself back up again, brush off the crap and do better the next time. 

While my BFF's were exploring all kinds of F.U.N in their 20's, I was under a mountain of responsibility {like the kind for adults}. I now refer that decade as that time I had to redo multiple semesters and eventually graduated at the top of my class with 'A Master's Degree in Life'.






By age 30something

I was a single mom of 2 young boys, marriage done, biz handed over to ex, back at school, home sold. We packed up and my boys and I moved to a new city.
Heartbroken. Dreams Shattered. No credit. No job. 

What's a girl to do when life changes drastically?  

Yoga literally saved my life. Followed by Teacher Training, opening a Yoga studio, Building a Business... all while raising boys into extraordinary young men. I learned how to keep all the balls in the air, how to leverage my time and I realized I was smarter, more capable, powerful and resilient than I ever gave myself credit for. 

I literally reBUILT my entire life at age 30. 

During those YEARS {yes, years} of rebuilding, I made a decision to take responsibility for my life {including financially} and the unique needs of my family.

A Vision and clearly defined goals were created and with Faith, Trust and Inspired Action, I set forth on a Mission to be a Leader and to NEVER again give up my POWER


By age 44 {now!}

I'm madly in love and married to my Soul Mate, Guido. 

I own 3 successful businesses - Halifax Yoga, Halifax RealRyder Indoor Cycling, and Unicorn & Rose Essential Oils. I'm a Platinum Leader with doTERRA Essential Oils and I've been building businesses, Training and Mentoring Wellness Leaders for over 20 years. 

My husband and I have a clear vision & clearly defined goals for our life and we have learned over the past 3 years that our Vision is unconditional. No matter what happens in life, we stay true to what we want.

We believe Life is not happening to us. Life simply happens. How we choose to react or not react carves out our present life and our future... moment by moment. 

What I have learned in my 40's is that Life Truly is a Beautiful Gift. Every Single Day I choose to SHOW Up 100% and Live. There are no give-away moments, or days, or hugs, or kisses, or conversations.

The time to live and receive our blessings is NOW.





All of These Experiences have brought me to here...


I believe you can be spiritually rich and financially wealthy.

I believe when I stand in my power and hold true to my vision, it gives others permission to do the same.

I believe there needs to be a hunger for someone to experience a high level of success. 

I believe you SHOULD NEVER give your power away! EVER. 

I believe you can build any business.

I believe you need to leverage and delegate to grow.

I believe we have the choice to turn our Dreams, Goals and Vision into Our Reality.

I believe the Greatest Gift we can give ourselves is getting quiet, turning inward, and connecting with our soul’s PURPOSE so we can live from a place of CHOICE - not a place of circumstances & conditions.

I believe you're more than ready to have a major breakthrough in your Health & Wellness, your Happiness, your Finances, your Purpose, your Family, your Career {that thing that's calling you}.

I believe passion + inspired action = success

I believe in multiple streams of revenue

I believe that our thoughts and our mindset is everything. 

I believe that our bodies are capable of healing themselves and they know how do that when given the proper support. 

I believe the world is waking up and there is a paradigm shift happening right now. 


My doTERRA Team is experiencing massive expansion across the globe and I’m looking for Wellness Leaders to partner with. 

I want to help you lead and live your BEST LIFE so you can do the same for others. That’s the way it ripples out and creates a movement of change. 

I invite you to hop on a call with me and we can get the amazing journey started!