Want to be Vibrant? This is a MUST!

Hello Beautiful Awakened Humans!

This has been a month of cleansing & detoxifying my entire being. Yup! For over 3 weeks I've eliminated sugar, dairy, grains, caffeine and alcohol. I've not even had maple syrup or honey! 

To aid in the detox process, I've diligently used my essential oils and my main hommies... LLV {Lifelong Vitality Supplements} - these are actually doTERRA’s #1 selling product! 

I feel better than I can ever remember!!

I believe we need to supplement (so does my Naturopath, my Doctor and all the information available about the quality of our food these days. And yes, I’ve taken supplements over the years, but not like these. Not even close! 

Seemingly, we now live in a world where we don’t get our nutritional requirements from our environment. I do my best to buy local and organic but even organic soil is depleted these days. 

Then there is the laundry list of what our system has to detox from our inside environment. LED lights, recirculated air, off gassing from man-made materials, the products we put on our skin & hair, the cleaners we use… apparently our homes are now more toxic than outside!

Enter Lifelong Vitality! 

I want to share my OWN personal experience with the LLV supplements AND I’m not alone because this has also been the experience of my husband, my son and everyone else who has committed to taking these incredible supplements daily. 

So here are my epic results: 

I have more energy. I wake before the alarm goes off. 
I am sleeping better. 
The bags are gone from under my eyes
It’s easy to manage stress and be nonreactive. 
Weight loss 1-2 lbs. per week. 
Abundant energy & more exercise. 
I feel ready for sleep at a logical hour
I am running again AND painfree. I previously quite running due to right knee pain.
My brain is clear and I am more productive. No more brain-fog - So focused! 
My skin is glowing! My pores are actually shrinking... swear to God!
My goals & vision have gotten WAY BIGGER. The way I show up in the world is BIGGER.
My family is healthier and happier!

SO, in a nutshell, I believe I got to this place of elevated Health, crazy Happy Happiness, Gratitude & Abundance with a synergistic approach. The biggies were:

1. Clearing the crap out of my diet and truly nourishing myself with nutrient rich whole foods (not processed or packaged).

2. Using my Essential Oils consistently - every single day, all day long… for physical and emotional support - you can track what I do on my Insta stories @sherryzak1 and on my public

3. AND Taking my LLV supplements was ultimately what propelled me into this place of incredible clarity. They provide the fertile soil for the essential oils to go to work and your body to heal itself. They also create space in your entire being and with that space you’ll make better decisions. It’s extraordinary! 

I believe a well rounded approach to our health & wellbeing is important and I know what a positive impact LLV has had on mine. THIS is why I personally back them 100% and why I have bought them for all my loved ones. 

I want everyone to take them and see for themselves.

doTERRA actually has a guarantee on their LLV supplements. If you take them for 30 days and do NOT love them, they give you your money back. No questions asked.

You wanna know right… 

How do I get the Lifelong Vitality Pack?

They are ONLY available if you are an existing Wholesale Customer of doTERRA (which means you get 25% off all of your oils and product). 

You never have to build a business like I do to order to doTERRA at wholesale prices. 

To get your Lifelong Vitality Pack, all you have to do is enrol as a Wholesale Customer of doTERRA. You can do so by purchasing an enrolment kit, or your wholesale membership and some single oils, or just the Lifelong Vitality Pack. 

Then you get 25% off ALL of your future orders, you get to try these incredible supplements in the Lifelong Vitality Pack, and if you don’t like them, send them back for a full refund.

Trust me, you won’t! 

You can email me to ask me more – sherry@halifaxyoga.com 

Or you can sign up for your wholesale doTERRA account here, using the instructions in the link below, and then you get automatic access to get the Lifelong Vitality Pack in your life next month.


Sherry xx